I believe in the everlasting power of cinematography. Your wedding film will transport you back to your wedding day to witness the beautiful details and experience the authentic moments & emotions that may otherwise become nothing but a faint memory.

My style combines refined imagery & emotive storytelling. I specialize in artfully capturing the details & beauty seen throughout the wedding day and interweaving them with key moments that deserve to be remembered.

wedding cinematography

artfully inspired

I’ve always had an interest in cinematography. As a child, I was obsessed with making family movies with my dad’s old camcorder. As I grew up, that interest morphed into filming every single vacation, graduation, and milestone, which I now treasure. And today, I’m so thankful that I get to spend my days doing what I love for my clients.

When I’m not filming weddings, I love spending my weekends outside. Whether that's wine tasting in Napa, on a hike through Big Sur, or just spending time in my backyard with my two beautiful daughters and amazing husband, as long as I'm outside, I'm happy.

taylor petrinovich

owner / cinematographer

It's multitasking, it's empathy, and it's channeling visuals into human emotion.

Cinematography speaks to everything that women do inherently well: